Jul 14 2021

Intel Celeron

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Apparently, the beautiful half of humanity are "glamorous" portable computers must be to the soul. The concept of ultra-thin notebook somehow not associated with definition of "budget", but the market (or crisis?) dictates the conditions. So, ultra-thin notebook MSI X340, for 22 000 rubles. Experts believe that the year-end ultra-thin notebooks make up 15% of all sales in Russia portable computers, and it's about 200,000 units, it is through these "budget" models. Today the "Sliema" are only a hundredth part of all selling laptops. MSI X340 made based on the Intel Celeron M 723 1.2 GHz with 1 MB cache and 800 MHz data bus. It works with 2 gigabytes of RAM laptop MSI X340, with a hard drive with 250 GB and 13-inch display, and placed in a body whose thickness is 6 mm at the thinnest point, while the total weight of 1300 grams. In the summer of this year began selling a new line ultrathin notebook Acer Aspire Timeline.

Three models of this famous brand – Aspire 3810T (13.3-inch display), Aspire 4810T (14-inch display) and Aspire 5810T (15.6 inches), cost less than $ 1,000, respectively, 25,000 rubles, 27,000 rubles and 31,000 rubles. The shell thickness is less than 30 millimeters, and weight – about 2 kg for the largest diagonal. Models are equipped with hard drives with capacities up to 500GB or SSD up to 64GB of memory. Acer ensures 8 hours of battery life. In general, the overall trend can be assumed that for ultrathin laptops manufacturers, many companies see the future of the notebook market. It is expected that they will the same success as the first subnotebooks (netbooks), a few years ago. Michael Dell addresses the importance of the matter here. The widespread thin DVD drive for such devices will erase the main difference between "full" laptop and "sub-notebooks," "netbook", and so on.

The thickness of the latest models of drives is less than 10 mm. New technologies make it possible to bring the battery life laptops to the working day. As for processors for notebooks, there may be a new "war brands" of world leaders. AMD is betting on its line of processors called the Tigris and Neo, which are designed to give battle to the Intel Anom and Intel CULV, are descendants of the good old Celeron. For ordinary customers the news of such "wars" – is good news. Any competition in the consumer's hand, it leads to lower prices and increase product specification. The first notebooks based on processors Tigris, from manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba, Acer and ASUS, to appear in Asia and the U.S. this fall, well, respectively, before the arrival of the Russian market there are not very much time. What is the future of laptops, already know all the people involved in the business of selling computers. Market laptop much more easily respond to crises, the decline was slight, and in some segments expected to grow up year. "Notebook – every Russian family!" – I think, that slogan is already being implemented in the near future. Source: CompuStock.ru – Notebook store

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