May 31 2019

Monkey Island

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Greetings from all the bright 'fleeting world. " In this virtual world, I spent my weekend. Connect with other leaders such as Ripple here. And with the satellites was lucky – chatty clown Sedwick, silent but faithful Capel, and fuddy-duddy rare nerd Ben, grandfather and great-grandfather, dear being named Bruno. With this company you will save or destroy the world! The last time I was immersed in the same game world as he played in "Mashinarium" in which the story is not words but images. Great stuff! Many humor and atmospheric sound.

But back to "Stealing the world." "Stealing the world" – an excellent example of a third or even fourth coming of the management system point-and-click'a in our lives. For the first time point-and-click, said in a mid-1980s, when graphic quests refused interfeysta text, and priority control method are the arrow keys and mouse. Fans of Full Throttle, Space Quest, Monkey Island, Rise of the Dragon and Laura Bow can often hear that the genre is dead. But as we see, the good old days always vzvraschaetsya. The protagonist of "fleeting world" – a clown with a funny name Sedwick. Melancholic boy with a sad voice and a habit to comment on his countless mistakes and failures. Sedwick loves most to travel and explore the extraordinary, full of magic and prichut world – Silentia (from the Latin silentium – silence). With his pet Capel he goes on an interesting journey to the magical world that is petrified inside. In the following screenshot: caterpillar named Capell On the way we deal with a lot of mysteries, and interact with lots of variety of characters.

Oct 04 2018

Accountancy Salary

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As well as conducting plan vs. actual analysis of the financial of the company. The following major modifications to the 50-100 Accountancy Salary + + + Trade with modifications to the server when the fastest growing companies completions, in most cases, are the main components. Large Over 100 All components with modifications + When the server is a complex system of payroll staff – in the "Salary and Personnel" as amended. 3.2. FIRM – Sales also are the most common variants automation of the enterprises whose activities are related to production. Depending on the size of the Company may vary the platform, the same is the availability of a software product that allows automate record-keeping of the production process – PUB, or SCP. Stage of development of the Company Number of people below the average RESOLUTION NOTE 10-30 Accounting + Trade / PUB With a small production may use as standard features PUB, so refinement typical of Commerce. Average Accounting + PUB 30-50 with modifications + + Salary + Finplanirovanie server for system stability, with 20 or more jobs is advisable to buy a license for SQL server version or component 1C: ENTERPRISE 7.7. The following major modifications to the Accounting 50-100 + Salary + PUB with modifications Finplanirovanie + / + SCP server, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process can be used – a simpler version, PUB, the more complex SPC Major over 100 all components with modifications + Server Initially you can use standard configurations with phase-modification system in accordance with individual companies or a full implementation of SCP.

Sep 22 2011


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Configuration 1C: Document developed by 1C: Enterprise 8.2. The main purpose of this configuration is the workflow. The main functions of the configuration 1C: Document: Creating and storage of various documents, including the simultaneous work of employees with the same instrument; Convenience searching documents by content; Ability to download documents from various sources, including the scanner and email to a version control of documents. In the configuration of all the documents are divided into three types: Inbound, Outbound, Domestic. For each document, you can set a responsible person without the consent of that status of a document can not be changed. Incoming documents can be registered as from physical and legal persons. The processing of incoming documents, as a rule, as follows: Registration – review – enforcement.

"The life of" outgoing documents longer than a few: the creation – harmonize – Approval – Registration. With regard to internal documents (which may be internal orders memoranda, documents, personnel records management, etc.), their registration is done only after approval by the responsible person. In the program, each type of document stored in a separate list with a flexible numbering system. Configuration 1C: Workflow allows you to store, edit and print various files, placing them in a hierarchical fashion for the convenience of working with them. It is worth noting also that the program is automatic time tracking of employees. According to the results of the information collected generates reports in a variety of lists, charts and calendars.

Program 1C: Workflow can run on a separate computer, and within the local network. If necessary, you can organize the configuration through Web-based interface (this will allow staff to work with the program from home). There are versions of the program 1C: Workflow for Windows and Linux. Configuration is updated periodically and is becoming more and more new features.

Sep 22 2011

Electronic Arts

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Crysis – new generation of 3D shooters. The new game crysis won all. November 2007, published a long-awaited game – crysis. Since then, the history of shooters, but perhaps the entire game world is divided into "before CRYSIS" "after CRYSIS". CRYSIS – this is a new game generation performed on a revolutionary engine CRYENGINE 2 game meets all modern requirements and more. Company Electronic Arts and Crytek studio once again met our expectations. The plot on the crisis some tropical island from space huge meteorite falls. As soon as possible North Korean military landed on this island and beleaguer its perimeter.

Your character, Jack Dunn – one of the best in the U.S. Army, sent to the island to investigate the situation. Next on the island there are strange and inexplicable events. Supposedly a huge meteorite turns out to be a real alien ship, which then freezes the entire island and as a consequence of the troops landed in North Korea. Our hero is still alive, because he is dressed in the most advanced armor on the ground – Nanosuit.

By freezing the entire island, the aliens come out of the ship in their monstrous machines. Their one goal – to freeze the entire planet earth and to destroy humanity. Gameplay Crysis Crysis – this is not just another shooter, srysis – is a world that lives by its laws. Game developers have created a truly unique AI. Enemy soldiers and monsters trained with great speed and this process takes time, even experienced gamers will have to sweat to defeat the enemy.

Jul 10 2011

National Certification Center

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In developing the series logo Groups InformZaschita we looked at two groups of ideas. The first group of ideas conventionally called the "iron security perimeter" with all the hard and heavy "graphic design to visualize the idea: cubic and square-dense forms, keys, shields and guard towers. This schedule has a right to exist, but the rigid forms reflect more physical security than the protection of such a flexible and constantly changing substance as "information". And finally, a tough and "hard" timetable associated with the company's slowness and lack of quick adjustment to constantly changing threats and, consequently, changing customer inquiries. The second group of ideas was based on another key principle: "a flexible, comprehensive and multi-layered defense." As a result, for a new corporate identity was chosen idea of flexible association of elements representing a multi-layer protection. Came the base band logo InformZaschita. Based on it were designed logos of the Group.

Graphic element in SafeLine – a stylized letter S, y Trustverse – a symbol of the victory of the letter V, y National Certification Center logo resembles the gates of his uniform, a sign of "security code" represents the chain links, where each component – a unique element, which is an integral part in solving the complex problem, the InformZaschita – integrator logo symbolizes the space with four degrees of protection, the logo of the Centre – is a stylized book. Imposition of several colors in the logo – a conscious graphic reception, which aims to strengthen the sense of the idea of "flexibility and multi-layer" and allow companies to use, without prejudice to the recognition of corporate identity color gamut. To develop a new serial logo and corporate identity design studio designers have worked Front: design. The agency could implement a complex design task, and it developed a modern and stylish graphic "designer" who, allows each of the Group, using a set of discrete graphics, color and font elements, to demonstrate their identity within a single corporate identity of the holding. Work on the project lasted four months. More long time required for it to implement a system of corporate identity, allowing the Group companies cover a wide range of media: Internet, business documents, presentation products, interior design, items of clothing, souvenirs, etc.