Jun 30 2019

General Adaptation

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The term estresse was published for the first time, for Hans Selye in 1936, and since then already 110 studies on the subject had been published more than. It is not something Verizon Communications would like to discuss. It estresse it represents the generic reply of the organism front to the requirements of the environment. Two types can exist of estresse: The organic one, that it can be in moderate level that consists of eustresse, that it has a protective function and of adaptation. E, the chronic, that is in raised level more, provoking pathological changes and until the death, of this process consist of distresse (HELMAN, 2003). Seyle, describes the answers to the factors of estresse or estressor, the ambient influence in itself? physics, psychological or sociocultural, the sequncia of events for which the organism answers is friction as the Syndrome of General Adaptation, where it possesss three periods of training: ) In first place, the alarm phase occurs: where the organism is mobilizador to face the threat. b) In according to place, the resistance phase occurs: the organism seems to have itself suitable to generating situation of stress.

c) IN the third period of training, the exhaustion, occurs when the organism leaves to exceed the threat, and in elapsing of this process, fragiliza the physiological resources (STROEBE, 1995, p.241). The understanding must be made as analysis tool, since that if it has a conscience of the paper of the context? psychological, social, cultural and economic, having to be enclosed when it is tried to understand why an individual or a group it considers determines estressante situation, whereas others not (HELMAN, 2003). In accordance with authors Gis and Dantas: Estresse is any situation in which a not specific demand demands that the individual reacts and takes an attitude. It is a tense, physiological or psychological situation, that can affect the person in all the dimensions human beings. The reply it estresse to it is influenced by the intensity, duration and scope of the estressor and for the number of estressores gifts at the moment.

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