Feb 06 2020


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After a certain literary recess I came back to write. Puts, I do not write nothing since the end of the last year (years are run and these jokes insanes continue). New year, all new of new. As already it is turning tradition I was for the Esplanade. There abnormalitys had happened (as always) in which story in this text. So that all understand the scene where I was I will cite some important points: 1: It rained the day all and the cavalry was convoked. Pra had coconut all lado.2: For climatic reasons much people gave up to go to make dirty the feet in the gram of the Esplanade and to take a bath of chuva.3: Instead of bands of the fans, the singers alone saw umbrellas I do not know as my cousin obtains, but it gave a cake to me already in first seconds 2010.

There I in the front of palco was hearing ' ' You not valley nothing more I taste of voc' ' (Music that turned subject my familiar film). Mine cunhadinha bound to me and arranged company pra party. Now they were four women and I (my mother I would be proud). I observed the people our front. A couple if kissed.

I noticed that the two used masculine clothes: – Dani. It is impression mine or these two if grasping are two men here? It inquired: – Not They are two women. – A. It has reason It was there that the first more left-hand side thing of the night happened. One galera started to run and people were pack in it. They had been questions of seconds. Thing of Witch of Blair. When we arrive at a good distance I I spoke without breath: – Do that we are running same? – I know there. I prefer not to know.

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