Jun 08 2019

DVD Safety

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For the safety training of safety supervisor and employees identification are available from the macro from the Munich South two professionally created training DVDs the EC Directive 89/655 dictates minimum requirements for safety and health in the use of work equipment by workers at work. This directive was transposed on 31 December 1992 and thus is also valid in Germany. Thus, the employer has the obligation to make the equipment that use the the health and safety of the employee is sure. The corresponding devices, security marking or locking systems are required for maintenance, repairs or installations, to secure the respective machine, electric or gas pipeline, etc. against unauthorized interference. Lockout locking devices and Tagout safety trailer be inserted at various manufacturer companies in many industries such as aviation and aerospace, refineries, oil, gas and energy producers, in environmental technology and Paper / pulp industry and in the food / beverage, automotive, steel and metal industry, pharmacy, chemistry, construction, telecommunications, mining, the tool – and plant construction, ship building, and many other companies, where security is capitalized. U.S.

companies with offices in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland use this lockout – and Tagout systems already for a long time, since they must abide by very often at one of the world’s strictest regulations namely the regulations of OSHA occupational safety and health authority (occupational safety and health administration) in the United States. For the safety training of safety supervisor and employees IDENT available two professionally created training DVDs from the macro from the South of Munich. “The practical DVD titled Lockout/Tagout: the fundamental steps” is an ideal tool for all security officers. The simple operation (locking) lockout and Tagout (marking) is based on various explains the basic steps. On the second DVD lockout for life”learn new as well as experienced staff of tragic errors of other workers. 6 actual accidents with locking systems are recreated in this video and an analysis in terms of created to avoid them.

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