Mar 23 2014

Don Quixote

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The daily meeting that were weekly had started to be e, without giving muitotempo the loved one to get rid itself of other commitments, treated to take it parasua house, choosing it, immediately, queen of its humble castle. They had been happy days where the Bahian looked for to work more close to the house, of form not to lose of sight its maiden. To tardinha, before the one for of the sun, already of taken bath, they seated to the table it supper and, between ones drinks and others, papo rolled until afternoon. In the truth, not hrelatos of the loving life of the two, but what everything indicates, the first ones diasforam many calientes. For the Bahian all age newness and good estavamuito, therefore had times that it did not have a feminine company. However, for its ' ' Dorothia' ' (by the way that the Bahian is the muitoparecido one with Don Quixote in the engravings of the book of Cervantes) the agricultural monotony domundo started to suffocate to it, thinking about a way to brighten up its anguish, it required to the loved one that it supplied to olar with more liquor of still. Until here, four weeks had been transferred little more than and, as qualquerpedido of the loved one it was an order, the Bahian treated to supply the home with osmelhores alambicados liquors of the region, as well as with parts of meats parachurrasco and other iguarias in order to become that end of a pretty doms afternoon of May in a great party the two. However, as it is known, the anguish tends to increase to the measure that olcool ingested starts to make effect. Thus, it did not delay very it amadacomeasse so that it to relieve and to play the guilt of its sadness in the friend, under ofalso argument of that it was depriving its freedom, its meeting econtatos that kept in the city, etc.etc.etc.

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