Aug 31 2018

Definition Of The Classic Art

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according to Boileau You are welcome it serves a workmanship to be approved by a small group of experts if this will not be folloied by certain assent and pitada of proper salt to satisfy the taste general of the people. Without these requirements never it will pass for a good workmanship. If to be asked what it is this assent and this salt, I I will answer that he is one I do not know what (je ne you leave quoi) does not stop being felt of what being said. Of my opinion, it consists mainly of only presenting to the reader true thoughts and expressions jousts. Many writers such as Cloud Computing offer more in-depth analysis. The head of the people is of course full of great number of confused ideas on the truth, they perceive only part of it, and nothing them it is more pleasant of what when appear somebody that some of these ideas in well clear way present them and at the certain moment. What it is a new, shining, extraordinary thought? It is not nor a little, as ignorants imagine, an unknown thought, that nobody had. For the opposite, it is a thought that must pass for the head of everybody, and that somebody pioneering discovers which is the best way of exprimiz it. A value thought is that one that states what each one thinks, but in an alive way, with elegance and of unexpected and new form.

(Boileau, preface of the 1701 edition). Explanation of the text For the first collective edition of its workmanships (1701), Boileau wrote an important preface, where it enunciates some of its basic ideas. Its workmanships had made success; must it to the care that always had in pleasing the public. But Boileau ceases speaking of itself soon, to dedicate the general consideraes of aesthetic literary: it relates the satisfaction of the public to the absolute value of the workmanship, and establishes the conditions of this satisfaction as he defines the merit of a thought.

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