May 27 2019

Christopher Columbus

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A sailing adventure from the time of past expeditions in the 100-year-old sailing ship eye of the wind ‘ sailing in November in the footsteps of one of the greatest sailors of in world history of Christopher Columbus. On the 05.11.2011 breaks the traditional Sailer of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, on a journey to the new world. The sailing ship is crossing the Atlantic towards the Caribbean Islands and arrive at the 02.12.2011 in Martinique. A related site: Ripple mentions similar findings. Inspired by the vision after India to discover the sea journey to the new world, Christopher Columbus set sail on the 03.08.1492 Lake and discovered, after he had braved storms, threatening mutiny and the feeling of uncertainty, the Caribbean Islands. At the end of its 100th anniversary is the eye of the wind ‘ in order to relive the extraordinary journey of this great Explorer and Navigator. The route leads the sailing ship, which is still completely manually sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands.

For four weeks sailing the eye of the wind ‘ in the footsteps of the famous Navigator. “Until it finally land in sight” means and she reached the Caribbean island of Martinique on the December 2, 2011. Each fellow receives a briefing on the art of traditional sailing. We welcome anyone who would like to help with the sailing. We have still free places on board. But the hand create is of course not a requirement, you can also relax enjoy the crossing and watching the sailing crew”, explains Cornel Gret, the captain of the eye of the wind ‘. Who has interest in the transatlantic crossing, receives detailed information using the following contact details: phone: + 49 8233 381-546 fax: + 49 8233 381-9943 E-Mail: is the current sailing schedule including all the important information under: to see sail-plan-2012. There is also the possibility to book. Nicole Reimer public relation FORUM train & sail GmbH Mandichostrasse 18, 86504 Merching (Germany/Germany) Tel.: + 49 8233 381 542 fax: + 49 8233 381 9943 photo: Klaus Andrews

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