Feb 18 2019

Cargo City In The Spring With A New Studio Album

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Between danceable indie-Elektro and melody love alternative pop (sk) new songs are present cargo city in April/May 2011 on an extensive tour of Germany. After the indie-pop band contributed 2010 four songs to the hit movie “Vincent wants to sea”, she presents at 17 Club shows her new album of dance/sleep “(label: Rebecca & Nathan, sales: Intergroove, release date: April 15, 2011). Same tour theme, energetic uptempo tracks indie electro notes encounter singer/songwriter beads characteristic for cargo city. The album dance/sleep”is evident even euphoric and punchy, even melancholic and emotional. These emotional States are explored in the song repeatedly on the new. Impressive the band proves their rich diversity.

in 2006, singer/guitarist Simon Konrad launched “Cargo city” as a solo project, which evolved over the years in Frankfurt to a solid. The creativity input of the new lineup since the process of creating the group affects, with their plates at the Label Rebecca & Nathan”producer Ralf Hildenbeutel (Sven Vath, sound engineering, etc.) has found a musical home. Although frontman remains responsible Simon Konrad for the majority of the songs, some of the songs and arrangements is now together with the band, which is complemented by Nadine racing iron (piano), Rafael Fruh (guitar), Thomas Scharf (bass), and Felix man heart (drums). In comparison to the atmospherically dense, warm and rather emotive predecessor album “On.Off.On.Off” (2009), show cargo city the current recordings from its harsher side. Despite proven charming indie-pop songs keeps dance/sleep”with pressure full use of bass drum and synth passages the tension curve upright.

The stand-alone style moves to musical orbit of by bands such as placebo, Muse, or Phoenix without having to copy one of the inspiration sources however. This distinctive sound not only has many numerous appearances in other European countries, but also on four tours of Germany Fans found. Cargo city is “strongly recommended” (MTV) and in April/may again live between Hamburg and Munich on the way! “Dance/sleep” tour 2011 26 04 Hanover, Cafe Glocksee 27 04 Braunschweig, Luke 6 28 4th Bremen, MS loyalty 29 04 Dusseldorf, pretty vacant 30 04 Munster, amp 01 05 Regensburg, DieHeimat 02-05 Innsbruck, Weekender Club 03-05 Munich, 05th 05th 59to1 Biberach, cultural Hall in Abdera 06 05 Freiburg, KTS 07 05 Wiesbaden, creative factory 08 05 Bensheim, Carlos 10 05. Potsdam, Laundry 11-05 Hamburg, Kulturhaus III & 70 12 05 Leipzig, Werk II 13 05 Berlin, NBI of 14 05 Plauen, Club Zooma 17 05 Frankfurt, gully cards: advance from 7 (plus fees), box office up to 10 tour operators:, Tel. 069.25 62 69 60 links:, cargocity, cargocity colinsacoustic Tourpromo:, Tel.: 0821-58979389

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