Jun 08 2019


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The 8-Gbit/s-intelligent pass-thru modules build on the technology of 4-Gbit/s models proven in use, but offer twice the performance as well as a wider range of functions than its predecessor with 8 Gbit / s. Based on the industry standard N_Port_ID virtualization (NPIV) can be up to 128 set up virtual server pro external switch port, i.e. 768 virtual server per module. IBM customers are solutions with which they can meet both today’s and future requirements on network infrastructures. Official site: Phil Vasan. The QLogic SAN-switch and the intelligent pass-thru modules are characterized by various groundbreaking functionalities: automatic Uplink failover and optimize establishment of uplink groups, performance optimization, and quick setup. automatic failover increases availability because during outages promptly on a redundant connection will have changed. Low-cost NIPV only”or complete full-fabric models customers pay only for the functions selected by them.

Auto-stream guard ensures continuous high data throughput for streaming applications such as backup or video streaming with automatic RSCN suppression. Eco-friendly, the use of ROHS 6 – and WEEE compliant QLogic Fibre Channel switch modules reduces energy consumption in data centers. QLogics 8-Gbit/s fibre channel- and 1-GbE-Kombi card specially developed 8-Gbit/s fibre channel for IBM BladeCenter for BladeCenter systems- and 1-GbE-Kombi card has two 8-Gbit/s fibre channel- and two 1-Gigabit Ethernet-equipped ports. The solution sets new standards in terms of space, energy and cost savings. The new CFFh Combi card as well as the 4-Gbit/s Fibre Channel predecessor to the key components of IBM’s virtual fabric architecture and is characterised by innovative interconnect techniques, as well as management tools.

The usage of the new solutions allows clients to transmit their data about blade servers and networks than previously possible across faster and more efficiently. Quotes to 4-GB/s and 2 GB/s-Fibre-Channel products correspond to completely down compatible and fully interoperable with 8 GB / s Fibre Channel switches of other manufacturers QLogic solutions investment protection thinking, followed by the entire IBM BladeCenter offering. The high performance supported by the IBM fibre channel solutions will merge their previously separately operated a single network infrastructure to IBM BladeCenter customers for good once they. A more economical operation, as well as a more efficient and simpler management results in.” With this fourth generation of QLogic products are Alex Yost, Vice President IBM BladeCenter IBM BladeCenter customers simply manageable and highly scalable solutions for the expansion of their existing fibre channel fabrics available. The QLogic 8 Gbit/s network solutions for IBM BladeCenter systems enable companies to extend their existing infrastructure as required. This ensures the appropriate use of funds and contributes to a proper usage of IT budget.

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