Apr 03 2020

Being Love

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Styles to love the elementary schools are: Eros, consisting of gotten passionate love and romantic love, ludos love as a game, storge love based on the friendship. The estios of primary love can be combined thus forming three styles of secondary love that are Pragma practical love, Craze unhealthy love and gape caridoso love. Emotional entailing we can Here have three groups of entailing the similarity of the entailings parents and son. Being that: The 5 safe adults are safe people in the relation and have an impulse for having had happy parents.

The esquivos adults are distrustful to be in a privacy therefore are for this desconfortvel. Therefore they fear and they are jalousie, and as example had had the demanding and not affectionate parents. Anxious or ambivalent adults are the ones that look privacy but it has fear that it does not have a mutuality in the love, these desires much atraco, mutuality and cimes sexual. For these the parents they had been demanding and unhappy. Individual differences in the Love the aspects that dictate the individual differences are gnero and Personality, where as factor personality we will have the aspects ‘ ‘ locus of controlo’ ‘ external intern and, the auto one esteem defense level, the anxiety the auto monitoring.

in gnero we will have as aspects: the emotions or attitudes in relation to one or more people, and the perceptions spread in a society in return of the love. Cultural similarities and differences in the love Mention to the convergences and divergences in what they are the cultural perceptions concerning what and as is the love in different cultures. However: Of the here described aspects, it is to point out that, it is important to understand these aspects because ‘ ‘ man is a being social’ ‘ independently of because he is social, it he needs to know these aspects for better if relating with the excessively animal partners, and as such is beneficial for a student of Psychology, because its task will be to describe, to explain, to predict and to control what they are the mannering fenmenos and partners, however it is to conclude that the work made for the authors in relation to these aspects, is not finished therefore needs to adjust the explanations to our social context.

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