Aug 15 2021

Babel Fish

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To support the capitalism of the great world-wide powers, over all, not to suffer crises in the capitalism, them they try of all the ways the implementation of the globalization in the world. Of this form, the economies of the poor countries seroos targets to receive the crises from the system capitalist, therefore are the first ones to perceive and to feel the falls in the economy. In this domain United States world looks for to impose globalizaodo, however it creates a series of restrictions for the importation, making it difficult the poor countries to export its products that in the great majority are agriculturists, cheap, while it obtains to export to almost all the countries industrialized products more expensive and muitosvezes with the substance cousin of the country to which he exports definitive product. However the nations currently more are organized politically and geographically supporting all the restrictions of U.S.A. and looking for of certain do not form to conquer its proper markets. As Vicentino the United States comes losing territory since the end of World War II and that with the creation of the European Union unifying an only currency U.S.A. of is its decline has been each bigger time and that the same it will have that to enter into an alliance themselves with the countries of the Europe if to want to continue growing. The globalization of the economy world, being important when the globalization of the information and the knowledge is mentioned Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

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