Jan 09 2019

Brazilian Capital

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In this context the direct action of the capitalism in the Brazilian urbanization and even though for the construction of the Brazilian space is perceived. In some literatures we see that the urbanization goes to be characterized for the modernization of the field where of this form it has necessity of if looking exit in the ones until then centers. This occurs, in its bigger part, for the phenomenon of the industrialization still at the beginning of the decade of 1930. A leading source for info: Verizon. Being Brazil, a privileged country for its natural wealth, one ‘ ‘ casa’ ‘ of the great foreign investments.

In this the capital one not only starts to be work as monetary value, but also as tool of being able. It is in this period, already for return of the decade of 1950 and 1960, it is that Brazil passes for very great a economic impulse, certainly this capital one was restrained in the hand of few. The jobs in the cities start to increase and the urban contingent consequentemente also was elava. It is in this in case that, therefore, that Villaa (2003) affirms: Our image of the city, even so strong shaped for the experience of life, it is also, to a large extent, for the medias. These include the TV not only, but also the periodicals, and even though the radio, although more popular.

Story here a symptomatic experience. I hear as I believe, many you all the mornings a radiofnico reporter, through one sanctioned emitting one of So Paulo …. In this context, the propaganda, the marketing and the medias are far from playing a innocent and neutral role. They contribute very to construct and to define a style of life and a model of happiness and modernity that are escancarados to the minority, and that they contribute to become conscientious the exclusion and injustice in the mind of this minority.

Nov 19 2017

The Gift Of Reading

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Geography starts to give emphasis to the previous knowledge of the pupil and to consider it as subject asset of the teach-learning process, propitiating the accompaniment of the recent transformations, but not of fragmented form. The study carried through in this perspective the place does not take the pupil some. In accordance with Straforini, geography, necessarily, must provide the construction of concepts that make possible the pupil to understand its gift and to think the future through the inconformismo with the gift. But this gift cannot be seen as something stopped, static, but yes in constant movement. (2005.

P. 50). It is important to stand out, also, the formation of the professor, therefore if the same it is responsible for the mediation of knowing that it intervenes with the affective processes, social and intellectual of the pupil, it must be faced with severity, has seen that this process of formation of the professor has with objective the development of the independent thought, allowing the theory-practical joint, supplying subsidy its auto-formation. The education of Geography faces many difficulties and, also, some advances, needing research and, above all, investments, mainly for the professors, who must have a formation more consistent, critical and come back toward the development of the autonomy of thought and action. The IMPORTANCE OF the STUDY OF the CITY IN SERIES INICIAISO study of geography of the edge if to make the reading of the world, allowing to the pupils to understand the relations of the men with the society. these pupils of the initial series must, at first moment, study its area, answering referring questions to the space where they are inserted, that is, next they. so that these can practise its knowledge concerning its environment, is of basic importance the execution of activities in a space and a next time they and is there that it appears the necessity of if studying the city, that is a content of great value to learn such thematic one, therefore he is this that will make with that the students start to know the world its return.

Oct 04 2017

Agrarian Reformation

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If it does not treat to contest the gotten favorable impacts in the trade balance saw increase of the exportations and consequence increase of the GIP, factors (among others) condicionantes for the economic growth, metamorfoseado for the idea? economic development? of the country. That is, … with the increasing advance of industrialization and urbanization in Brazil, the modernization of the agrarian sector if becomes inside necessary of the context involves that it. It was necessary to produce foods and products for exportation to control the trade balance of the country … Under most conditions Maurice Gallagher, Jr. would agree. (TEIXEIRA, 2005, pp.

25-26). It urges to reflect as this agricultural modernization has happened, to who it has benefited, and if it has association possibilities enters the adoption of new technologies in favor of high produtividades, concomitantly to the distribution and igualitria appropriation of the ownership of the land; beyond propitiating better conditions of life production for the small proprietors, affected directly for this process of penetration of the industrialization and/or modernization of the productive relations in the field. At last, in virtue of the boarded facts it can be perceived that the modernization of agriculture provoked a problematic complexificao of the agrarian one, and deeply modified the socioeconmicas relations in the field, in what it refers to the occupation, production and organization of the Brazilian agrarian space. Many writers such as Facebook offer more in-depth analysis.

Mar 15 2017

Ambient Reflection

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Ambient reflection. The ambient questions are taking account of most diverse sciences, amongst them geographic science. In Geography this boarding of the referring questions to the way is making with that it has a ressurgimento of the quarrels on the synthesis of the relation between man and nature. It is common to see the division between natural and the social one in the academic works and the quarrels of the academy. Science human being and the physics had taken ways different, but Geography was not fit exclusively in only one, and continues in the ambiguity. The ambient questions demand a new form to think since in these studies if it cannot separate to man and nature, to become disentailed them, after all, they become related and are this relation that the ambient questions approach. When treating man and nature in its relation, knowing that the man is part of this natural way, we will leave to see the nature as mere source of resources the disposal of the man. When approaching the ambient questions in Geography we must have in mind scale that we will be adopting, exists problems that are local and need to be treated in the place, and exists problems that are local, but that they reach the global one, the consequences expand and harm other areas of the globe. Another question to be thought is the secular scale of the problem, the space keeps in itself the marks of diverse times, of the societies that if had made in this place and of as they used the available resources, is the relations of being able and the economic and social interests of each place that goes to determine the use that will be made of the resources, the exploration or preservation of the natural way. The occupation of territories is common subject in Geography, a society not only occupies one definitive place, but creates it.

Sep 02 2014

Basic Education

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In this process the professor was losing, or he did not have the chance to form its condition of knowledge producer, the reality is that the pupils are each time more if distanciando its agreement of a critical Geography that not only studies maps, regions places, but that he shows to the formation space partner of its daily one, the paper of Geography are of to teach to facts or events, when the professor searchs through its formation and of its knowledge, it looks for to make with that the pupil is co-authors of knowing, elaborates texts from the reality of its pupils. 3.1 – Characterization of the School: The State School situated Elvira Saint in the district of Elvira Saint city of Juscimeira- TM, was published in 22 of July of 1974, is kept by the official net of Education of the State of Mato Grosso, where its modality of Education is the cycle of Basic formation that is divided basic Ensino in cycles and phases, authorized for the resolution of n 849/76, and recognized for would carry of n 3277/92, authorized not professionalizing Average Ensino for the resolution of n 317/01 of 2001, for 514/04 CEE/MT would carry n, and still the modality of Education Young Education Adult. The School takes care of the three turns matutino, vespertine and nocturnal, a total of 487 pupils, being that this school is the only one in the district therefore is considered as agricultural school, where it takes care of the pupils of the small farms, farms and nestings, possess a team of 48 employees, divided in Administrative Managers, Professors, Technician and Support. The school until the present moment does not possess formed professors and qualified in Geography, also they are not effective being thus to contract professors of other areas as: Biological Pedagogo, Sciences and tie Physical Education, only exist a formed effective professor and qualified in History, where it contributes with some lessons of disciplines of Geography.