Apr 28 2020

WordPress Creates Zone

Posted by domain admin in News

A renewed and easy plug in for WordPress has come to light in the past few weeks, leaving with your mouth open not just its first users but their competitors more nearby. Wishlist, (list of desires) that is his name now comes in two versions, absolutely identical, with the only difference that the first and less price only is useful to be used in a domain, while the version more face could be installed for multiple domains, even to the fabircante company, warns that it is not a version for web master. Wish List is now more intuitive, and with just a few clicks, idem to the installation of a plug ins common, you convert your large wordpress Manager in an authentic and very useful system for managing member. Among the benefits more Wish List notables appear the expected ability to create unlimited membership levels, upgrade to members, create free and paid plans and achieve with very little effort control the exposure of content according to the offered level. Wish List also offers a great ease to integrate different shopping carts and the autoresponders more popular.

Here is a list of the features more attractive that presents the new plugins accurately determine that content can be visited in each level. The sindicazion of information thanks to the inclusion of Rss Feed is very easy. You may want to visit Daniel Lubetzky to increase your knowledge. Pages redirect to Member control and count the time in which the Member may access. If something makes surprising to this new version of Wishlist is the support offered through videos and documents online customer WishList. It is possible that a software like this has been on many wish lists.

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