Jun 03 2019

Why Many Men Not Women Seduce Can

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… even though they actually have read much about this subject why do there are actually that many men, while literature and tips and tricks about looking for flirting and have appropriated, but nevertheless constantly fail, if you a woman approach, they attract and seduce? What is the reason? Well – I think to have tracked down the reason. Seducing women is rarely a scheme it somewhere grabs on, learns by heart and submits then every closest woman in the hope that she finds interesting one this. On the contrary:, women smell it on ten yards into the wind, if the man’s playing them. Therefore, my appeal would be to play less and “oneself” be more. But how do I even care? I prepared this for a small case, which is intended to show why it is not conducive to simply copy flirtation sayings and imitate.

This I serve me different component: man A, who knows about how he seduced a woman Man must love to learn B, who does not know how he can seduce a woman, and it wants to A a pretty woman A some flirt saying so–and now we introduce ourselves, we’d be in a place where many people meet – about a disco or a street festival or concert. The man of A now goes to A woman, appeals to them with A flirt saying – and can successfully seduce her. Man B looks on amazed and thinks to himself: “Wow, I would gladly can – in principle I do just so, like A man!” He also goes to A woman, appeals to them also with A flirt saying – and failed miserably; He will be rejected and gets a basket. Not man B white, what he has done wrong again; Finally, he wanted to make it but just like man A he lauschenderweise has listened attentively to the! Maybe you already realize what I want also? While are the flirtation line A and the woman remained the same A – the man was replaced but A man B – and there is no warranty of any kind, that the whole thing is then also so to work.

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