Nov 20 2023

Venezuelan President

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The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, inaugurated the 7th Summit of the ALBA with strong criticism at the Summit of the Americas to be held in Trinidad and Tobago, and the assertion that in Cuba there is more democracy than in the United States.UU. Since then, it warns what will be more or less the political climate which can be sucintar at that Summit, where the southern continent and Center are the expectations of what will be the role which United States will begin with the new management of President Obama. In his speech at the meeting of the Alba, Chavez stated I believe that (in the Americas) Summit that will be held () should be the last, the last Summit with that format, reinstall the presidential meeting of the Bolivarian alternative for the peoples of our Americas (ALBA), in the eastern city of Cumana. After wondering what Americas encompasses the meeting of port Spain, the representative stated that this, is the Summit of our peoples of the ALBA, which is one Summit of the union of our peoples, that must be our commitment., added in its report, the ALBA was raised by Chavez opposed of the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), driven by the United States, and is composed of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominica and Honduras. The meeting, in which participated besides Paraguay, Ecuador and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as guests, is focused on three points, among them agreeing on a common position with regard to the hemispheric meeting which starts in Trinidad. Chavez criticized the final Declaration of the Summit of the Americas, cited part of the beginning of the document that talks about that shall be signed by the countries where the rulers are elected freely and democratically and wondered: where is there more democracy in Cuba or in the United States?. .

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