Dec 03 2012


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After another night of freedom in Valledupar, they continue abriendo to field ideas in my mind somewhat facist (*) When I have thought a little and another little, in so that I walk in this, I am jumping in a dance track, with almost brings back to consciousness in Chinese and the descencia in the entrance of the bar, surrounded by hipocrecia prepotent and the repudiosa glance of those who is going to avoid to watch their own twisted silhouettes in the range of the disc lights, to have to criticize the ear in the other people’s eye. Peculiar, no? to exactly criticize people with that you coexist each Saturday and that although you do not know, joint parties the same marginalized condition to live a good moment in a multisexual cavern. Sometimes I feel that the crazy people (as affectionately they call to him to the union) beside the point very aside from the problem who we have when coexisting with the rest of the world against this guidance, must fight against our resemblances that in spite of feeling the same, doing the same, to live the same and given the case, to go to the same place to happen awhile to meno, have gallardia, perhaps uncontrolled, to walk of dispute in dispute in social networks, in services of messenger service and until in those tedious messages of chain that they send to us. The average of people, has an almost homicida tendency against the personality, to create a false image and by circumstances riducula before the rest of the people we speak of Facebook, the social but great network of the planet; Monday in the morning I connect and I see showy photos of one night tribuladora and narcotic, where perhaps for my misfortune the only thing that lacking I was a little exhausting when I discover that I know the person and that leaves from their life does exactly in opposition to which I see in the photos, it is seen totally different from which collection and frankly is not as attractive as deceptively they show the poses repracticadas with a memory of 2MB and of high resolution.

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