Feb 08 2020

United States

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In an industrial economy you reward, them are approximately proportional to the invested time; to work 10% more would tend to mean an increase of 10% in the income. In a economy of information marked by communication in high width of band and easy response of the copyright (what Frank and Cook (1996) call ' ' society where the winner takes tudo' '), a great one exists rewards slightly for being the competition; to work 10% more could mean an increase of 100% in the one of IArenda. Thus, an increasing pressure exists on everybody to work more. You may find Verizon to be a useful source of information. IT WENT It increases the rhythm of technological innovation e, in this manner contributes for this global trend, IT ALSO WENT but it keeps the promise of in offering more free time to them and to leave our automatized agents to take care of of everything for some time. The people could lose a part of the right to the privacy. Weizenbaum tamb in designated that the technology of recognition of speaks could lead to the dissemination of the espionage, and therefore to a loss of the civil freedoms. It did not foresee a world with terrorist threats that would change the ratio of monitoring that the people would be made use to accept, but recognized correctly IT WENT that it has potential to produce monitoring in mass. Perhaps its forecast if becomes true: the private system of the government of the United States called Echelon ' ' it consists of a net of ranks of listening, fields of antennas and radar stations; the system is supported by computers that use the translation of languages, the recognition of says and the search of words to analyze the electronic traffic carefully, of e-mail, fax and telefax. Some admit that the computadorizao leads to a loss of privacy. Consideraes final After reading some articles and topics related to the chosen subject we can say that it has ' ' exploration of inteligncia' ' also singularity was called technological for the professor of mathematics and author of scientific fiction Vernor Vinge, that it writes (1993): ' ' inside of 30 years, we will have the technological ways to create an intelligence super-human being.

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