Nov 10 2023

Tree Sponsorship To The Day Of The Tree

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13,000 new deciduous trees in two new forests are the core of the project BALDWALD. Buampatenschaften support these new planting – with personal certificate and annual forest letter. A tree sponsorship supports the first important and care-intensive years of a new forest. With tree sponsorships, it is be possible really new forests. Tree sponsors and-patinnen to BALDWALD always have access to the Godfather trees (other than in usual afforestation) and experience the adventure of a new growing forest. Tree sponsorships are a gift of future and sentimental value, with personal certificate and annual forest letter. These new forests are home to different species: sessile oak approx.

2,300 (Quercus petraea), lime tree approx. 450 (Tilia cordata), hornbeam, white beech approx. 450 (Carpinus betulus), beech approximately 2,900 (Fagus sylvatica), European Larch approx. 500 (Larix decidua) or Sycamore, also about 300. The Bergahron is gweahlt it just for the tree of the year has been. In the second forest establishment (BALDWALD two) can be found: pedunculate oak approximately 5,150, lime tree about 200 (Tilia cordata), hornbeam, white beech approx.

750 (Carpinus betulus), beech approx. 750(Fagus sylvatica), flap Elm 150, red alder approx. 500 and partly threatened tree species (Elm, ash) ash of approx. 175. some of this be with special pages in the project acknowledged. Both forests are accompanied with up extensively illustrated photo diaries, also non-sponsors will have access to those. All details on the Internet on:. Tree sponsorship for this new forest are again possible. The simple tree sponsorship (five trees and five years) with certificate, information material, and the annual forest letter for unique Euro 25,. Oh, Yes: A television crew has for regional television in Bremen (“buten un within”) produced a TV contribution to BALDWALD. He was sent on March 15 and still be seen also in the Internet. Baldwald forestry project Ulrich Reinhardt Park Road 98 28203 Bremen TEL: 0421-794 799 20 FAX: 0421-794 32 35 E-Mail: Internet:

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