Mar 25 2019

The Zohar

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Since then, only a handful of Kabbalists it have been studying in isolated corners and total discretion, taking care that not will reveal to the public prematurely, before finishing is the the time of the exile. The revelation of the book of the Zohar in our times, is one of the milestones that mark the end of the era of the exile and the beginning of spiritual awakening in the whole world, as holders of the Zohar, had predicted 2000 years before, when they wrote: and since Israel intended to savor the tree of lifethat this book of the Zohar, is they will come out of exile with mercy (Zohar, Naso). Today, humanity as a collectivity, must raise to a new level of existence, based on the union, love, and reciprocity. When Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HSulam) published what would be, the comment more in-depth and extensive on the book of the Zohar – comment Sulam (ladder)-, had in mind doing that this manuscript was more understandable and accessible to all. The focus of his work was to interpret the spiritual terms of the Zohar in its inner meaning, i.e., qualities and insights that are discovered internally, unlike the descriptions worldly objects and historical events, to protect the reader of all kinds of confusions, and keep it aligned with the true meaning of the book. The benefit of the study of the Zohar many books have been written before the book of the Zohar and many more were written later, but there was never another work with so much spiritual strength. The Zohar describes the spiritual reality, a full and unlimited reality that lies beyond the confines of time and space. The study is intended to develop our senses to refine our sensitivity to the perception of spiritual reality, gradually revealing the forces that constitute the foundation of all reality.

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