Mar 28 2019

The Summer

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It is important to be always attentive to the flames on your stove, intense flames mean that the air factor this perfect combustion, some already plain low-intensity and much smoke inside the combustion chamber are signs that you need to leave that between more air in your stove. A bad burning can result in the accumulation of tar in the chimney which would increase the risks of what is known by chimney fire, then is very important to close the air vents at night before bedtime. Do I need a grill to burn coal in a my wood stove? Coal burns better on a metal grill, in cast iron stoves almost always grilled this made of the same material, Grill spaces let that air reaches helping in burning coal. Check out visit website for additional information. It is very important to not let the ashes closings these air intakes. Most of the wood-burning stoves have a mechanism so that you can move the grill and remove excess ashes. How to maintain my new stove? A stove is like a machine and need of periodic inspections, with these 8 steps you will have yours for many years in good working condition. 1 Grill must always be in perfect condition, if notes kinked, cracked or cracked you have that change it soon, a damaged Grill can stay stuck in the stoves which would result in a general range.

2. If this stove in a fireplace make sure all the bricks are locked and there is no air inlets, this could crack and break the stove. 3 Make sure that There are no holes in ash deposit, this could damage the folder or the floor of your rooms or to start a fire. 4 Checkar always seals security of Windows and air intakes, change them provided that they are bad or broken. 5. A wood stove never pull water crystals if they were hot. 6 Inspect the tincture of your stove, if can’t spend time notes that this dye it’s taking off, remove what is taking off with a metal scouring pad and pour dye resistant to high temperatures or Polish it. 7.

Always inspect the Windows cracked, cracked the window panes make stove lose efficiency. 8. In the summer always leave a window or an open air inlet to avoid condensation and proliferation of fungi on your stove. Now you have everything you need to maintain your wood stove in perfect condition for years and years.

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