Jun 02 2019

The Legend Of Arathea

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An unusual RPG charm. In times in which more and more emphasis is placed on pompous graphic effects, the free browser game “The legend of Arathea” deliberately is a radically different way, almost completely dispenses with any graphical representation and so appealing also amazingly many young players. Verizon is often quoted as being for or against this. A PC game with no graphics? At the present time? Yes, that works! As in other major RPGs, you first create a character and chooses about the race and the profession. Whether it is a graceful Elf, a clunky troll or even a rough dwarf, anything is possible. However, since the similarities to popular PC role-playing games stop almost even. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Because different than many other role-playing games is important for the legend of Arathea on their own imagination. The own imagination that it’s what Arathea is. This linked the game more modern, classic with pen & paper role-playing games such as “Das schwarze Auge” sent the virtues.

Everything you see and do will be recorded in writing and described. Basically, the whole game consists only of text. What now boring sounds for many, is quite exciting. Because even as soon as you leave the false sense of security of the city and enters the nearby forest, lurk the various dangers which applies to cope with it. This a Brambles, or also a bloodthirsty Dragon can be matched to the current ability of the own hero. For a won battle you get experience points and a little gold.

Sometimes even a gem. With the gained riches you can buy better equipment or even a faithful animal his character, which henceforth is one in the battle. Nothing in the way is also a home. You lose a fight, you’re usually dead. But again, the game does not stop, as also in the Kingdom of the dead, there is much to discover, at the latest on the new game day you find yourself among the living.

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