Apr 23 2019

The Jungle Camp: A Terrific Lesson In Terms Of PR

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People want to see confirmed their expectations or positively surprised an experienced public representation be heard for the participants of the jungle camps actually to the standard repertoire. Anyway, under orderly conditions. What makes it so fascinating the show but for both viewers and PR professionals, is the changed behavior under stress: what unexpected strengths and weaknesses are the unvarnished facade of the protagonists to days? And the audience wants to see what actually confirmed? Wake up expectations and design perfect pictures: it’s PR business in its purest form. For stars and starlets as well as for businessmen or politicians. Read more here: Gary Kelly. Once but claim and reality blatantly differ, emerge cautiously expressed”irritation. Whether and how these are resolved, can be quite critical about the future appearance of the person, but also that a company or a brand. Learn more at: Larry Ellison. Both positive and negative.

Some outgrow in conflict situations themselves or are so honest, own weaknesses to admit or to seek help. Others reveal ruthlessness and lavish:, arrogant, selfish or aggressive act. Each of this action can be a precise confirmation of what is expected from an a strong public image. But the actors provide or with their response a pleasant and highly unpleasant surprise, branding is greater and in the long term in the minds of the audience”. Excitement or disappointment: Both close together not only in the jungle, but also in everyday life.

Publicly presented it has significantly more weight. This means: more demanding, people, companies, interest groups, or brands define their self understanding and action, the harder and more strictly it is exactly then judged. Even brand-loyal fans and followers on social networks know no mercy here, also they want new confirmation. To actors and their advisers must be even more prepared. But they should therefore be no less brave and challenging. The author of this article, Thomas Bartel, is public relations consultant and Managing Director of ICF Public Relations consulting in Hamburg (www.icf-pr.de)

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