Jul 09 2020

The Internet

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These men between 23 and 45 years, are not typically experts, so they tend to go to a high prestige jewelry clerk with good taste that advice in the purchase and help them choose to jewel give away any where. For they buy on the Internet something like, is unthinkable. They also tend to buy at the last minute, so they are not willing to wait the 3 weeks standard that takes an international package. However, imagine that what you sell is an e-commerce course, then it is very simple because the typical consumer is a man or woman aged between 20 and 55 years, eager to achieve a better living standard, which navigates between 1 and 6 hours a day by Internet and which is there, in the great network of networks, where to go to find the course you need to learn to succeed. So, in that case, it is all very easy. So, as you can see, market a product over the Internet is not something that anyone without training can be done, because only to know if one can courage get started on the Internet, it has to know: 1.-If the product can be sold internationally in a Legal way.

2. If it cannot be delivered to the client in a fast and effective manner, either by Internet or by transport. 3. If it is possible to sell the product at a distance, or has to be face to face. 4. How easy, or difficult, that is to sell this type of product online. 5.

The market which is directed, its interests, and if you are willing to buy it over the Internet. And all that there is to know only to choose the product to be marketed!! Seeing this, it is no wonder that 90% of those who start businesses in Internet failing why?

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