Jul 08 2020

The Compensation

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There are also companies where everything is based on a consumption thus: start in certain range then you have to eat for example 2 boxes of product and earn a percentage of your network. If you raise range, you should consume for example 4 boxes and earn a higher percentage, and so on and obvious after a while these buying 18 boxes of product, which are in your House you know don’t make them and you end up selling or giving away. Others are selling products. They are undertakings in which for the time they have been in the market since it is very difficult to grow the network then persons entering are dedicated to resell the product, which I’m not saying it’s bad but not they will come to earn the same into one that can create leverage. Credit: Oracle-2011. I repeat, do not criticize any particular nor want to offend you by being in x or and company, I know respect, I am only by this noble industry and people entrusted to it and I don’t like to see that many have deceived them or that they have again lost dreams that started to enroll in a company because it was simply not correct. Choose well your company, who work as a team it is important, that do not put obstacles in the compensation plan is important, that guide you on the road is important, that help you increase your financial intelligence is important, that you train and help to grow as a person is important, it is not only sponsor the stupid people already abandon them on the roadthat harms people, disillusioned them and harm to the network marketing industry. Know how to choose is the difference between triumph and failure. I wish you the best success..

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