Mar 07 2016


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Each emotion tells us something. For a leader is crucial to learn to detect and interpret them so that you then share six basic emotions. 1. Anger / rage dotarte Its function is sufficient energy for you to do vigorous action to help you overcome obstacles and difficulties. If you are a leader who gets angry very often or regularly're angry, it means you perceive your surroundings filled with impediments, obstacles, annoyances and obstructions.

Recommendation: It is not wrong to get angry from time to time, but if it regularly happens to you, then you have to learn to flow with the process of life. The obstacles are not a nuisance: they help master here. Learn how to take adversity as your teacher or refine your leadership skills if you see people as obstacles to getting what you want or do not perform under the standards we want. Result: your leadership will reflect a better balance your life and be freed from a large additional burden of stress and tension that do not help your health. 2.

Fear / Insecurity Prepares you for face a threat. There are real threats: let you know if your office is on fire, this emotion will prepare to flee. But when the environment is disproportionate to speak in public or make a sales appointment, to give two examples, means you see yourself than face the challenges or problems. Or that the consequences of a decision you make beyond your perceived ability to properly handle poderlas.