Aug 07 2016

Recruitment Agencies

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If you decide to go to a recruitment agency for the selection of IT professionals, the question arises – what kind of agency to contact? We advise to stop personachalny choice for 2 to 3 specialized staffing agencies, working the market of information technologies and telecommunications, of course, if you're not going to spend a full monitoring of the services market, called around fifty agencies and spent more than thirty-face meetings. What matters more most care about customers? – How much is a specific selection of IT specialist? – How long it takes for selecting IT professional? – What is the qualification of a recruiter who will be directly working on your vacancy? – There is Does the recruitment agency's own database experts? – How many people work at the agency and how long it works in the market recruiting? – In which companies have worked before? – What safeguards provides the agency. Of course, each representative of a recruitment agency gained 'song' he confidently explained the 'crow' on the phone and in person from vtreche which will only have good impression (unless, of course, trained and experienced staff). Let us consider a few points are worth paying particular attention to when choosing a staffing agency for the selection of the required IT professionals to you. Specialization – an advantage when working on the selection of IT personnel. Whether it's the actual specialization (as you can see on the website) or declared ('we have every recruiter has its own specialization', 'we are department with its specialization ')' probe 'representative agency for human understanding in the area who appears to select a specialist.

Nov 27 2014

United States

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Consequently, a growing number of successful companies that provide legal services to the population and legal entities. These companies and firms and apply our law office that provides services for buying and Sales of ready LLC – limited liability companies. First of all, it should be noted that due to changes in legislation regarding the registration and liquidation company, a growing number of consumers who want to buy a company with a ready-pack charter and financial documents. What are the global trends, in connection with today's realities, we can watch? First of all, global legal services market segment is represented by the United States, which continue to hold the leading positions. Their share in total world market is 60%, or more than half of all registered law firms in the world. Law firms from Europe are represented in this list the number of successful companies rating – 25%, the rest coming from the rest of the country and continent.

If we take into account the number of employees who have been taken to improve the efficiency of the remaining employees, the largest number of cuts exactly in British companies and the legal bureau of Canada. Pleased with Australian law firms are generally increased revenue, compared with last year, to $ 52 million, cutting about 300 lawyers. The Russian market is currently no clear, proven numbers, but it must be recognized that changes in legislation, the emergence of new cases due to defaults on loans, leading to what services are highly qualified Russian lawyers are constantly needed. Digital successful law firms is increasing. Our Law Office has successfully operating on the Russian market of legal services and continues to sell and buy ready-made company for its customers.