May 01 2014

Self Help: To Believe Or Not Believe ?

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Is the self a real method or a party uses deception to the needs of people ……..? Understanding self-help as the information supplied to us to find some tools that allow us to achieve certain objectives. Now the question is: are these real tools? Well, the answer is easy, if they are but we need to take care of those who receive the information, there is everything in this universe of self-help author. But what if you have no doubt, is that human beings need the advice of someone who has experience or knows more about certain subjects. The request for information for the later application of this to our advantage, we make on a daily basis. We advice to grandparents, parents, siblings, teachers, friends and others. most people do that almost daily. Similarly, self-help authors do nothing to give us information and / or herrmientas that applied by us in our lives can lead us to achieving the objectives. Well, so far so good Right? But the most important detail is that most of these people who read books, listen to audio books, attend workshops or seminars, self-help, they believe they're getting magic formulas, that just hearing them you will change your life.

Well, there is a big mistake, listen, smile and are happy for the time you read or hear the self-help information and then is forgotten, especially the part to apply to their lives the tools they have discovered. And that has two consequences: 1) criticizes the author, lecturer and workshop leader because they do not help matters. 2) immediately run to buy a new book or audio book or attend a new workshop or conference. The number one is a consequence of little interest to the person who read or attended self-help in making the necessary changes in your life to achieve the objectives. Of course, with the exception of those authors or speakers that are a hoax. At number two, the case is exactly the same, I listen, I get excited for a few hours and then thrown away everything I learned because I'm lazy, and many times, afraid to apply to my life. Result, a frustrated person who criticizes the authors provide an excellent information and, secondly, self-help authors Offshore Banking Accounts bigger every day.

And I wonder: is this the fault of the authors of self-help, or consumers of these materials that conform to two hours of happiness and do not want to be happy forever? Never forget: The information and / or herrmientas learned should be applied with discipline to get results, that is what self-help ……. no one is going to help, only you can help yourself. That's why I always laugh, the ironic comment of my teacher Wayne Dyer, when in his talks, he raises his two hands toward the audience in thanks and says: I have a house in Fiji Islands, where I write. Teacher irony: Gentlemen (as), self-help is no use, IF YOU DO NOT HELP HIMSELF, BUT ALWAYS IS NECESSARY THAT THE INFORMATION TOOL FOR HELP. Until next time opportunity and do not forget to visit: The author of this article Cibele HG is a lawyer and journalist. Integral Prosperity Coach for over 20 years. Lecturer and author of the audiobook: SON WANTS YOUR ORDERS, A Practical Guide to Using the Law of Attraction. FINDING HAPPINESS, how ever smile? and chat with the Universe.