Dec 02 2017

Competitive Advantage

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Are emphasized through lectures that integrate the academic curriculum, all the basic knowledge necessary to ensure that quality is manifest in all the knowledge that may lead to turn into a real competitive advantage. It is emphasis on defining those production processes with their respective indices to ensure favorable results, paying close attention to the technology used, continuous improvement, maintenance, life cycle, skill, training, skills of technicians, operators, and any Regarding the ergonomics that may lead to optimal productivity. The emphasis is on providing knowledge and its applicability in all matters concerning quality assurance, national regulations and international quality standards, training their staff accordingly, and ensuring the need to reach an agreement as to the requirements faced by the companies competitive in the current scenarios. (As opposed to Bernard Golden ). Are trained especially in brokering tools, methods that allow better integration of the individual with the machine, leading to workers, technicians, foster creativity, innovation in everything that manifests itself in continuous improvement, that generates all the necessary corrections that prevent the quality of, say, the achievement of the disappearance of zero defects, queue, operating costs, ie to consider the proposals to ensure, in addition to quality, productivity. The program is constantly fed back their chairs, taking into account the experiences, obstacles, barriers that many businesses in the region face, considering that its participants are professionals who work in it and through the workshops that each chair made, actual examples emerge can diagnose the reality with regard to quality, coupled with further positive results, which have resulted from the work of grades that have led to significant changes in many companies. .