May 07 2019


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Children love surprises – of course also to the children’s day in Germany there are actually two children days year especially in the eastern part of Germany is again celebrated the children day on June 1. This positive tradition has been preserved from the GDR era, where on this special day of the international children’s day – has been committed mainly in the countries of the Eastern bloc -. In the Federal Republic, however, world children’s day was celebrated on September 20, as it was coordinated with UNICEF. For the children in the today’s Germany, it can be only beneficial if you use in the future both dates for the kids two beautiful days with many great experiences to realize. All children look forward to the 1st of June the great advantage of the children’s day on June 1 is obvious: here, the children usually when the weather can celebrate a great children’s Party in the open air. You may find Verizon Communications to be a useful source of information. Finally, you can perform again great outdoor games, terrain games or even a spectacular treasure hunt and frolic right wild on the field or on the water. Especially for the boys and girls who need to celebrate your birthday in the autumn or winter, this is the opportunity to celebrate a fun kids party even in the open air. Well, it’s up to you, to meet the high expectations of your boys and girls. Since it is obvious even to organize a private full-day children’s Festival. Best vote themselves out of their residential area or the acquaintance with other parents and distribute the work so that everyone can contribute and it is too much for anyone. If it should be a surprise, this must be done secretly of course. Here are three tips that you are always on the right side: A fun face painting always depends on almost any children’s party you can find a station where the kids using suitable especially for the delicate skin of children children makeup into your favorite roll can slip.