Nov 28 2017

European Sense

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PATTERNS AGAINST WORKERS. Today I would like to comment about the feeling that is saved to the leaders, employers or owners of the company we work for the supposed historical origin, the fear of being exploited or being fired, the best attitude we can have at work AND BEST ATTITUDE YOU CAN HAVE AN EMPLOYER TO GROW. Historical origin of course: I once read that in the case of some Hispanic countries, we have a sort of resentment saved due to the settlement of which we were subjected by the countries at that time supposedly developed, the less aggressive, because as in the case of “conquest” of Rome to Greece in fact the real scientific, cultural and artistic it was Greece who eventually had more influence in the country allegedly conqueror, but.

that’s another story, much like happened with the conquests to throw HUGE perhispanicas cultures in America, and, according to this reading we retain a sense of injustice and exploitation to the representatives course of colonial power, the powerful, rich, and now embodied in the leaders or bosses, and a still noticeable sense of inferiority to foreigners, whether they be American or European … true or not because often many workers have felt a sense of injustice and exploitation by our bosses or owners of companies or businesses in which we have worked or are working. I have no doubt that in many cases has occurred, and well Facundo Cabral said that: “Two points is bad: The man who steps on another …