Mar 15 2016

Lethal Diseases

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The twentieth century opened the world's age is not only a large number of technical inventions and vroyatnost cure many previously lethal diseases, but also showed us such a horrible thing as terrorizmterrorizm / by the end of the last century some civilized nations of the Earth are faced with this new plague, smashing relentlessly both adults and children, killing anyone who was in the zone which konflikta.Ot same terrorism that has existed since ancient times, was large-scale problem only recently? Back in the early twentieth century, we thought of terrorism as a local phenomenon, but in 1980, 90g. He became a ubiquitous phenomenon. This can be explained by increased globalization and international relations and cooperation in various fields. There is a continuous propaganda of terrorism, along with a large number of terrorist entities and structures, there are many different structures supporting them, reaching the entire countries sponsoring terrorism. What is surprising, often sponsored by the civilized European or Arab oil states, forming a significant monetary investment financial support of the international terrorizma.K Unfortunately, terrorism is beginning to receive greater expansion worldwide, and its manifestations are visible only in areas not usually conflict, but in most of Western and civilized. Against terrorism will not be saved no state, and last year gave us to understand it. Every year around the world are hundreds of acts of terrorism and the death toll rose past tens of thousands of dead and injured adults and children. Every day the media tell us about the origin or aggravation of the new international conflicts, that somewhere committed terrorist acts, and turn off the channel or angrily indignant, questioning on the topic when it all stopped … But so far this the world is so much callousness to the problems of others, and anger, we do not decide. These situations should be to understand all together, the entire international community, as for the fight against international '>'> international terrorism are not enough forces of one great power or even a few developed countries. Osilivanie international terrorism as a growing global problem requires a collective effort of the majority of countries and nations on this planet, only world community