Mar 16 2020

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What this note is in technical sales is not a detective to track down each x arbitrary selected company customer-hostile processes, structures, language and behaviors. Blame is twofold: self-oriented thinking and acting, as well as lack of understanding of what really moves the customer. So, Tim Bosenick, Managing Director of the company of SirValUse, estimates that only 30 percent of all technical products before their market launch on user friendliness will be tested. What really means letting customers customer proximity no longer away delegate to sales & marketing, they go to everyone in the company. The inventor must your still behind closed doors, the Manager the green table and the CEO’s their spiritual boardroom exit, to turn feedback loops. You should grab microphones and sincerely consult the customers.

You should take your cameras and run after the customers, to record how they act. Filed under: Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union AMCU. Go-and-see for yourself’ the Americans call this course. In customer-friendly Company closer to you is not in meeting rooms, but in the scene. This plant managers and engineers can about set up their tents at the customer or stand by the customer and work with to understand what actually is matter. The customers themselves should be invited into the research and development laboratories to give advice and to express concern. In any case employees and customers need to meet together regularly to develop greater understanding for each other. In the US company of’s bicycle stores cycles there is, for example, in the middle of a huge coffee bar. The technicians take lunch there and it can chat with customers. Customer proximity in the boardroom in his book Hidden Champions of the 21st century ‘ Hermann Simon makes it clear: the best look at long-term customer relationships as their greatest strength and practicing a customer proximity, which goes far beyond the usual measure. Hermann Kronseder, founders of Krones, a manufacturer and World market leader for bottling plant, says: with us what defects occurred, what would have to be changed, how the machine, etc.