Apr 09 2016

Zen And Yoga

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The knowledge behind the veil of science Over time, I realized that all those years dedicated to the study and practice of Zen and yoga, plus the study of Western esoteric philosophy had finally crystallized in mine explosion had been giving me access to knowledge that would never have purchased using the way of science. Today I understand the importance of science, but also that when trying to transcend the skills necessary for the development of life, we must break with the schedules used by science, dissolve prejudices, break categories, remove labels and destroy molds. Science is the greatest barrier to access to deep knowledge, the transcendent knowledge that is hidden behind the veil of science. A Bridge between East and West Through meditation, every day trying to build a bridge to plug the gap exist between Eastern and Western mysticism. I meditate on the relationship between the thirty-two paths and the sixty-four exagramas are all ways of life, light sources, carriers of wisdom. The mind is the most important energy source we have, profound meditation on the tree of life, like Zen meditation, and the deepening of the meaning of I Ching, I have led to higher states of consciousness that I have opened a gateway to a world where matter and energy is energy field, acquiring a specificity that science is incapable of accounting. What I have called the esoteric dimension of humanity. Encryption: Knowledge in Our Being I understand that all knowledge of mankind is inscribed in our very being..