Sep 29 2019


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It is preferable to losing the friendship that be conditional rather than betray our principles Nicaragua, largest country in Central America, still not has been able to get ahead in its development, its history points out many facts that indicate everything that has passed this country’s triangular shape, full of mountains and lakes, with a geography and wealth that has not be taken advantage of. Made ranging, from the struggle that Cesar Agusto Sandio conceived many years ago by the liberation of the country from foreign invasion. Dictatorship as the Somoza which for many years stalled, exploded to that country, leading it to earthquakes, civil wars, a backlog that has cost him get ahead. Have been many Nicaraguans who have lost their lives in pro of ridding the country of its stagnation, exploitation suffered by the Governments that have ruled it, many are also, those who have chosen to leave the country and give way to another style of life in most developed countries, especially in the United States where They inhabit thousands, looking for a new perspective on life, better quality than offering its current ruler, namely everything that comes from the Sandinista National Liberation Front.(FSLN). Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. In recent years has dominated over the domain of the Sandinista, where their leader Daniel Ortega has become its Chairman for the second time. And now with aspirations to continue in power. The truth, that the background of the past show of poor management, management that did not comply with its objectives, with which Nicaraguans aspired towards a better quality of life, work opportunities, elimination of poverty, effective health services, productive system suitable to the requirements of the economic needs of the current scenarios, free education and excellence. It is known that the first tenure on Daniel Ortega, he left much to say, lack of consistent economic plans, lack of integration of productive force, educational, and above all health programmes.

Sep 13 2018

Lleida Parking

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