Sep 11 2019


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It is likely that you’ve seen the movie the social network I suppose that at this point almost all. Some have seen it as an entertainment and others have seen it to be inspired and create value. Learn more at: Sir Richard Branson. The script of the movie is very good. He relates with great meastria what happened in reality. It all began when a Harvard student, decided to use his knowledge of web programming and management of servers, for fun. What did you do? Then created a web in which all the students of the University could vote to the most beautiful girls from the same University. What happened? In such only one night, just send an e-mail to several students, the News ran like wildfire. And all the students devoted themselves to vote in their University classmates.

In one night, the web had 22,000 visits, which brought down the web page. It is true that he had its consequences. He had a hard punishment by University by having collapsed your server and any other legal issue. But Marc one of the founders of Facebook, was not here. Anyone would have done so, but think a little more, is what has led him to be a young billionaire. It realized that the viral effect that had the system could apply to any web service.

That was how he created The Facebook, the second month, they already had thousands of hits without having paid advertising. The theme is to browse over the Affairs of others, creates an effect of mouth in mouth (viral effect), which makes that news having no interest for you, move to have it because you know the people involved. Say and what? Facebook is already invented. Yes it is invented and they have left many copies. But as entrepreneurs what we could get? Sure that many different conclusions because it is a case worthy of study, but I’ll stick with that to start a successful business, first you have to get you to do something. Try things, see how a market, ask, what he likes this way was born Facebook. Because it was born of the result of testing different projects, to discover that it could unleash him people’s curiosity. The best ideas to undertake arise after taking action. The micro-enterprises are a very effective way of creating value and business. You can learn more about the topic in micro-enterprises, where you’ll see many examples to give you ideas of business for microentrepreneurs.