Aug 12 2019

Nations United

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In 2010 will be held the 65th Annual Meeting of Nations United are a thousand things to say on one side and the other, but it is good to note that there may be a coincidence or there is horrible when carrying out the 66th annual meeting, especially if it is a month of June, that number is expected to close Kabbalistic and so engaging, for some, the famous “666”; those who have noticed and are any interested in the end all are likely to be concluded in advance, but others who do not want them if not actually live in peace. Probably not born an or already born, which if possible is that this famous assembly, created to bring the countries of the world after the Second World War, is the place to be unleashed World War III. Hopefully not, but if this happens, the disaster to humanity and nature would be large in all spheres of human thought, environmental pollution would be overwhelming, just think for a moment if you make use of atomic bombs without thinking of those built with depleted uranium, justifying their use because the wearer is the most powerful, or in defense of democracy and freedom, or simply gives them the real wins. The damage would not only irreversible, if not we would be involved in speeches full of repentance, or demonstrating the power and probable create a new world assembly “with ideology and more adapted to modern times facing humanity” and to avoid a new world conflagration, ie, the fourth World War, maria not really destructive to the rhythm of our nature and we ourselves. For even more details, read what Verizon Communications says on the issue. If any of those reading this article, I remember when this happens, ie war, do not blame me, I promise that barrage, if I am alive, just before I call it a coincidence that is about to occur, and a warning to unwillingness of governments, national and international agencies and citizens who llamas us human.

Some believe that may be created a new world, and is hopeful to think of a better life in dignity for all, but another world is possible, destroying it and pretend to build another, or the separation where there are countries of first second and third, the most outstanding are those of the first and third, the second as non-existent. In South America, we are in a situation, a little tense, it will install U.S. military bases or Estaunidenses in Colombia, to stop drug trafficking and the guerrillas, although the Colombian government reports say that these features are controlled, which reveals that intentions are other, disasters are to be seen and felt by all. But we must not forget that this initiative is only for democracy and freedom what the terrorists die.