Mar 01 2016

Chinese Embroidery

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What is different from an ordinary bead needle tip? Conventional needles can not pass through the hole beads, bead thread so thin. Can I to use traditional beadwork thread for sewing? Beads heavy enough, but has a small hole for sewing. Threads must be thin, but durable. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is actively involved in the matter. For beadwork and beading are used synthetic fibers that meet these requirements. Home sewing, we tend to using cotton thread, which for beadwork are not suitable. What is different from the Chinese Czech beads? Perhaps more differences, but in my opinion, the main two: firstly, Chinese beads poorly calibrated, ie, packet can not that much different color, and, secondly, the beads may vary by size. There are occasions when some beads do not have holes. In some sets on your site is written the monastery seam.

What is it? "Monastic" stitch – a type of embroidery stitches with beads. If we had not strung beads, then the result would be "polukrest" If "lower case" seam hole beads as would form a tunnel, and on every stitch sews one bead. For greater rigidity from time to time stretch a thread a few biserinok most common stitch embroidery with beads, "forward needle." Without this weld beads of all, perhaps, taught in the classroom work. Needle is passed to bead and sew it to the fabric all the time moving forward. My job will be embroidered with beads Chinese look bad? All sets provided by the manufacturer on our website and in the assembly otshivayutsya made changes. Work, embroidered Chinese beads look just fine, maybe because they have to invest more labor than Czech beads embroidery. '> Embroidery Chinese beads suitable for the patient embroiderers, but those who are coping with it will never regret. Source:

May 20 2012

Internet Game

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Casual games are a huge number in the vast expanses of the Internet, they enjoy playing with people of all ages. Unfortunately, among the quests, simulation, strategy and puzzles are so few truly standing projects. New games appear and disappear, leaving only one, but they can not compete with the hitherto popular Tetris. And on the horizon appeared a virtual toy Runiks. This game is not like any one of the already existing ones. The game involves two. Its purpose is to collect on your opponent's field or a field combination of runes.

Each of the two fields is a square of 3×3 cells. The combination is formed as a result of the construction of three runes in one line diagonally, horizontally or vertically. There are four types of runes: water, fire, earth and air. The game has 16 main combinations: 8 with a positive effect and 8 negative. If you have built on a combination of his field, it will affect you, but if on the enemy, then, respectively, on him. The screen will display your life and that of the opponent. That game did not seem to you a quiet stream, every move you will be taken away by one life, but you can restore them, gathered in his field a combination of elements of water. The game gets more Runiks an interesting twist, if you take a combination of in his field, which is formed with a special fleece. Total of Four: rune power rune variability rune rune emptiness and purification.