Dec 15 2017

Flash Memory Cards

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Now if you do not have a mobile phone, it is better not to go out – laughed at. If you have such a device (for some means of communication, for others a way to pass the time in the classroom or the robot) and if it cost more cost models, then it necessarily on any of the parties, or even inside there is such a small place where you can define such a small plate as a flash memory card (looks very reminiscent of a little harmless piece of black plastic). Facebook has similar goals. This connector is not just phones. It already can be found everywhere, except maybe the media themselves. This is not surprising. Easy to use, easy to use, compact dimensions and all the advantages of its kind flash memory cards have enough memory – up to 64 gb. Some of them are low-power, which is sometimes sorely lacking.

Also, there are those who are smaller than the nail index finger. Some methods of protection, which can be envied and much more. Such devices are very compact. Their sizes do not exceed 32h24h2.1 mm. And the size of the smallest type – 14x12x1, 1 mm.

Agree, this device can be in your pocket and lose. And given the weight of 3g to 8g it becomes even easier. Manufacturers of such seemingly not the most significant devices – more than enough. Types are also missing: Reduced Size MultiMedia Card; Dual Voltage Reduced Size MultiMedia Card; MultiMedia Card; Memory Stick Duo; Secure Digital Card; We must pay tribute to him to whom it occurred to create such a thing as a flash memory card. In the same pocket of your favorite jeans, given the size, weight and amount of memory you can not move one terabyte of memory. As for plastic plates the size of a cap on the usb stick is a good indicator.

Dec 12 2017


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C mobile computers and the Internet around the world: being in an airport or Internet cafe you can easily connect to the 'World Wide Web', you can visit your favorite Web resources, get a web-mail, chat with people living in different parts of the world, upload the 'mobile digital device' different applications and media content. Bring your laptop and enjoy surfing the Internet during your trip. At present it is difficult to Life without a mobile digital assistant, such as a laptop or a 'mobile PC' – which also include PDAs and communicators. We are with you more often use the Internet and in this we are helped by 'mobile computers' with built-in wireless communication modules such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, edge / gprs, and others. 'Mobile Computing' allow access to the Internet at any time in the world you would not be. Built into most PDAs communicators and GPS-receivers, satellite define the coordinates of your location, transmit the data to your mobile digital device, and it in turn displays on the screen is where you are, the estimated arrival time and the course of direction, indicating the best route planned trip by car or by the shortest route to your destination if you are walking. For comfortable work with digital technology should be to choose the correct device parameters. The correct laptop pleasure to work, save your time by fast computing applications that will be 'mobile digital assistant' and computer entertainment center..

Feb 14 2015

Data Recovery

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Here there is a choice, but only if the data is not important or they are not worth the money, which would require the company for recovery. If you want to restore your hard drive, then the sum for the services may vary from 1 000 to 40 000 rubles depending on the problem. It is clear that the photographs of 40 000 rubles, few will want to recover, but the bookkeeping is necessary. Here, immediately wants to give advice especially accountants. Keep the data not one drive, and always make a backup copy on the media, which is not in use, and designed exclusively for data storage. This option is suitable for all who cherish the data.

Recovering data from flash drives will cost much less. Cheapest recovery – 500 rubles, and the roads – 15 000 rubles. Always remember that the flash drive is not designed to store information, it carries only the transfer function data. Causes of loss of information are different: the logical failure, physical failure, user error. In the first case, recovery occurs at the software level, in the second, as a rule, requires a donor to parse for third case, both possible recovery. In the case of logical failure in the most simple situation, you can make yourself data recovery, if there is some knowledge and a license software. But in the case of physical defects most definitely not worth anything.

After your intervention does not even experts can help. In St. Petersburg there are only 2 centers data recovery, which are engaged in serious cases. This Paradise-R and Q-lab. Therefore, if you need to make a recovery hard drive or flash drive recovery, it is better to apply directly to them, since other firms will just send your defective media in Moscow, or bring on the recovery Paradise-R or Q-lab. Do not risk your data, and especially its confidentiality. Perform recovery hdd and other media in specialized center.

Aug 01 2012

Toner Cartridge

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Just like a regular ink cartridge, toner cartridge delivers the "ink" for laser printers. However, in contrast to the ink cartridges, laser toner is a dry mixture of finely divided carbon black, compensating polymers and other dyes. As with all printers, laser printers of various models provide print materials at any level and in accordance with different requirements: from low-cost home office to the mass of large-scale commercial printing. Despite the fact that the prices of printers have been declining, prices for ink and toner cartridges have always been relatively high, so choosing the right cartridge is very important. The easiest way – to write down the make and model of your printer and, if possible, any additional information on replacing the toner cartridge as specified in the instructions. You can then choose the most appropriate Toner and order it online or buy in the store. Before buying a new printer is worth to know the price of cartridges for it, as sometimes cheaper to buy a more expensive printer to continue to save money on consumables.

The most common disadvantage of toner cartridges is that they have suddenly come to an end at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, to protect itself from such hassles, try to buy one cartridge than you need, but do not unpack the replacement cartridge for as long as you do not need it. Another difference between the toner cartridges of ink is that the toner cartridges attached to the printing drum. Over time, the drum is gradually losing its sensitivity to light, which in turn leads to adhesion of tiny particles of toner for their application on paper. In addition, it is necessary decide which cartridge to buy – with high resource, or low. This is determined solely by the volume of your intended print. Cartridge with high resource costs more, but it is designed for a much larger number copies than the cartridge with low resource. Conversely, if you plan to print is not too often and for a while to do without buying a new cartridge, buy cartridge with a low service life. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of toner cartridges, so before buying a cartridge, make sure that you know the make and model of your printer, specify the planned amount and quality of print, and think about what the toner is optimally suited for your needs.