Oct 05 2019

Hydroelectric Power

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Assembly of a great Hydroelectric Power station that it guarantees the continuous, efficient and permanent benefit to the users of the Region, with subsidies a the consumers. Go to Oracle for more information. To establish Agro-industrial Economic center, creating the Kitchen garden and Agricultural Window of Colombia, like center of storing, production and of export in the region Caribbean, to start off and with what projects would be implemented intensive of production farming siproagro on a large scale that guarantees production of continuous quality and to establish a great industrial economy. To mount the fishing company greater of Latin America under the system of culture of fish, profiteer the lacunal complexes; implanting the culture of the fish of river motivating the consumption, stimulating to the Colombians with low costs doing it part of its daily family shopping basket. To institutionalize the Festival of the river, the fish and reign of the water: (Annual Celebrations) Among others ANIBAL MARKET T. social Worker and lawyer 1 Manuel Murillo 2 Toro Jorge Go’mez Duarte.

Director UIS forum science innovation and 3 regional development 2000 Anbal Market. Test: the democracy and form of government in Colombia according to the effective constitution, without publishing. 4 According to the study realised by the Dr. Manuel Jose Cepeda, they are geographic regions in which it is possible to take refuge in, tributary and customs an economic regime special that favors the concurrence of the private capital and whose unique purpose is to attract investments and to fortify the process of export or currency generation by means of the sale of goods or services in the outside. The ZEEEX must become " " laboratorios" " economic in the style of a third country. The basic objectives of these zones, are " " atraer" " investments and to fortify the export process nacional" " , one is added with factors that are of extreme importance as much for the country generally as for the benefitted region in particular, like are it important expectations in use generation, causing simultaneously formation and qualification and manpower as much described and not described that is required, attraction of the technological innovation, simplification and relaxation of norms, improvement of road infrastructure, telecommunications and services in charge of the regions and the investors, currency generation and projection of the regional impulse. The special regime will be granted by means of the company/signature of an admission contract that will celebrate the National government and the Investor, is this foreign national or. A duration by the benefits by 25 years sets out. Original author and source of the article