Apr 05 2018

The 13

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Jesus was not as actors appearing in Hollywood films. The features of Jesus, are Semitic features, and we are fortunate that have been printed in a fabric, that the Church venerates since very ancient, and is the shroud of Turin. I think as many studies have shown, that this shroud is authentic, that wrapped the body of Jesus. Effectively if they study it carefully, they have all printed passion steps in that fabric. I was that there was a study conducted by three universities, which then told that this fabric was of the middle ages, and journalists announced with drums and cymbals, but did not take into account a series of studies, second manipulation that had become, in that use of carbon 14, which moreover is a method that is not used for this fabric is not said, because this fabric has been contaminated, heavily polluted, has undergone many alterations through fires, through various manipulations. But above all there is one thing that is very interesting, this fabric has been studied from many aspects, and one that the most exciting has been to me, he has been the Studio that made the Swiss criminologist Frai.

He did so much before all these studies with carbon 14. And this criminologist studying the spores and seeds discovered impregnated into the fabric, he has discovered, there are seeds of plants of the Palestinian, which existed at the time of Jesus, and then disappeared in it. And seeds in addition to more data, in the area of the dead sea, and Constantinople, and of France, and Italy. It is very interesting, because through this study, spores and seeds, has shown us the way which toured the shroud to Turin. But apart from this study have a lot of studies, and scientists all them that highlight this fabric is a phenomenon strange, because there is no paint, and however sees the silhouette of a man, and it is also a very curious thing, if one approaches you don’t see nothing except blood spots, to be able to see the silhouette you you have to distance, what is curious thing, because it is an effect of also plays the light, you must play the light also.