Feb 28 2019


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Greetings from the baby bump: ‘Here I am’. Ultrasound images are the first pictorial evidence for the birth of a child. But these shadow images are detailed and realistic unfortunately. “Now there is because I’m” a real alternative to meet the young before birth: a three-dimensional model of the unborn child is made with the help of a 3D-Druckverfahrens. The necessary data is generated without additional expenditures for the regular gynecological checkups. The nine months of pregnancy is a very special and exciting time for expectant parents. The couple soon makes together an incredible experience: A new life grows.

How does our child just looks? How it developed? The most frequently asked questions are probably up to the day of birth, because a real insight into the miracle baby bump is not given by doctor visits and ordinary ultrasound images. To have to wait not for months on first getting to know now with da, I’m the parents”a 3D model of the Customize face of her unborn child and so already discover in the 20th week of pregnancy, as the young looks. I ‘m”is a service of the Leipzig company RT REALITYSERVICE. For this great experience during pregnancy, not much effort is necessary. At the screening, an ultrasound screening is already required by law.

If how increasingly common instead of the traditional 2D-Ultraschalls then a 3D ultrasound is done, cause the raw data required for 3D printing. I ‘m”is available in different versions: you can choose between a plaster model and a glass cube and mini, MIDI and Maxi sizes. The plaster model can be additionally blue or pink colored and provided with the name of the child or the date of the examination. Making such a sculpture is quite simple: the digital data will be copied from the ultrasound device to a disk. RT then converts the ultrasonic data for the am I “-3D printing in a different format to.” For the adjustment of the data, you need a special software, as well as good knowledge of the technical process. The production of a figure in the size euros mini when the first sculpture including the data processing 169. Every other model in this size but still only 29 euros. The sculpture comes after only two weeks. RT REALITYSERVICE deletes the data immediately after delivery of the model of data security and privacy of the unborn child are fully given. On request, these can be saved but also in the longer term, should the final volume of the order are not fixed yet. About RT REALITYSERVICE RT REALITYSERVICE is a trademark of the Leipzig RT group. REALITYSERVICE offers anyone the opportunity to hold virtual objects in the hand first in Europe. REALITYSERVICE is one of the leading providers for 3D-Druck-Services. More offers are the webshops fabidoo and rapidobject. about the RT group the history of the RT goes up in the 1930s of the last century back. The Leipzig company specializing in reproductions of all kinds has significantly and continuously grown in sales and earnings since 2000 and today Germany belongs to the top 3 of the industry. The RT group has about 35 offices throughout Germany as well as in Austria, Russia and Poland. The success of the Group rests on two pillars: on the use of modern technologies and to consistent selection, qualification and promotion of employees.