Nov 24 2019

Self Esteem

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When you have no self esteem of the person can not become happy. You can not live in self-censorship. Excessive self-criticism is one of the biggest reasons for unhappiness. Not aware of their own merit is a disability. Who does have the support of a permanent stress. You can not ever feel comfortable with yourself. Since you are forced to stay together forever for someone who does not appreciate. What do you think that might be proposed as a solution to this deficiency. You may accept yourself unconditionally. In fact some people try to do it. They see that this is the only way to raise self-esteem and achieve personal growth.

Shyness and low self-concept stop much of the personal potential. Many talented people are forever in the shadows for fear of the public. However, the exaltation of the self can not solve the problem. In reality brings new challenges. There are many people who show an arrogance that we can not bind to the facts. You’ve seen people who are poor unable to catch a glimpse of their own limitations. Thus his public action moves from bad to ridiculous. To deepen your understanding Rory Sutherland is the source. Because trying to claim positions find no basis in its true category. The merit is not something acquired by definition. It is not something theoretical but must be conquered with real virtues. The imaginary virtues, such that only we recognize ourselves, do not give us any credit. All we could make at most pompous and arrogant people. And we would have no choice but to assert our rights by force. For the rest of the people would not see its merits. Everyone starts from the torn in life. No part of the goals, these must be pursued relentlessly.

The unconditional approval of ourselves makes us blind. It does not allow us to see all the defects that we and many of which are in our power to correct. Each failure to recognize and reject us an opportunity to be better. Much of the personalities who have excelled in history have had a feature common. They have established a long relentless fight against themselves. Have been far from acceptable. And it was the relentless pursuit of improvement for its flaws which made them extraordinary. Recognition of their limitations and the deep dissatisfaction with what were until then led to the development of exceptional qualities. These people fought to achieve merit to deserve the appreciation of themselves. I never imagined to be from something as artificial as unqualified tolerance themselves. They never lost his humility, his modesty. In fact, he never managed to completely acceptable. Never even thought to be a great thing. If they had, all their names would now be unknown to history.

However, they were happy people are happy people and great men who are still alive. No choice but to be when one has lived on merit. When you have lived with the satisfaction of having achieved recognizable objectives. And to enjoy a reputation they’ve earned the truth and not a fictitious reputation who one day decided to settle. Without denying our personal value, we maintain an eternal dissatisfaction with what we are. That is more realistic to give us an approval that has no foundation. Do not resign yourself to the idea that they’re all I dream to be. We have a long way to go, many glories to achieve. Keeping your humility, fight for your dreams of a better person.