Sep 10 2014

How To Raise A Puppy

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The first thing to keep in mind for how to raise a puppy is the Sociability. That’s why in this first article on how to raise a puppy, we focus on this important period of the life of every puppy. The socialization of puppy socialization and imprinting period determines the basis on which to form the temperament of the puppy. This is a time ranging from 45 days to 4 months old, during this time the puppy acquires the behaviors needed for life in the “pack” is the period which must have more contact with humans. It is the most important development of the canine species. If not done correctly can create fears, phobias, and anxiety.

It is very important that during this period live with people of different ages, adults, elderly, youth, men, women, pregnant women and especially children, also with other puppies and adult dogs and other animals such as cats, rabbits, turtles, horses, cows, etc. If you do not ever can live in harmony with them, always have problems of coexistence. It’s common in a family that some members like dogs and other cats also like, if your puppy is not lived with cats from the first 3 weeks and 4 months, you should know that bringing a cat the house can be very problematic A young couple who plan to have children should socialize your puppy with lots of children of all ages, especially those between 2 and 6 years. If your puppy is not lived with children during this stage, we may never accept them and may even attack them in the future. To avoid future problems with your dog I recommend that you pay close attention to this point, since by neglecting this issue is that unfortunate events occur in which we regret dog attacks children. To accustom to all this is necessary to take him for a walk every day during this time anger speaking firmly and gently to convey at all times that has no nothing to be scared and that all is well.

The puppy may perceive your emotional state and your energy and calm and will adapt well to these new situations for him. Never bring the pup snapped at something that causes fear or distrust. This must be gradual and progressive acclimatization, beginning just for 5 minutes a day and gradually increase every day a couple of minutes. Other things you should familiarize your puppy at this stage: 1) Vehicles of all types: cars, trucks, buses (buses) to prevent in the future have a habit of pursuing them. 2) Sounds: Sirens, speakers, appliances like hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, polishes, lawn mowers, etc. 3) Places: the spoon, crate, parking lots, parks, rivers, etc. 4) Surface: polished floors, tile, concrete, sand, stones, dirt, grass, etc.. 5) Actions: Touch it and review it all over his body: eyes, mouth, ears, genitalia, tail, hands and feet, abdomen, etc. Brushing hair, provide oral medications, be caressed by others. Given all this information, I recommend that when you decide to take a puppy to your house no more than 50 days old, in this way in its first 50 days socializing with his mother, siblings and caregivers of aging , then you … … If you want complete information about this subject and about everything related to the education of the cubs and their behavior problems and the best techniques and secrets to solve these problems just …. .