Apr 27 2019

Carlos Gonzalez

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After the questions and the faces of amazement, he left his side Conference and talked about the Republican exile. The reasons for this lack of knowledge they can be many: some point out me that the latest developments hardly dealt with in the subject of history of secondary education, due to the extension of the program; others suggest that the impression they perceived in those classes of that the teachers, not all, of course, showed little interest in wishing to enter into what seems to be a black hole. Nor in the families discusses the topic. A few years ago, talking to PhD students, they confessed that they didn’t know anything about the deaths that occurred in the end of the Franco regime and the beginning of the transition. They knew nothing about the killing of Montejurra, nor of Vitoria, nor knew anything about the death of students as Luz Najera, Carlos Gonzalez, both from the Complutense University. Something if they knew about the massacre of Atocha.

The idea having the University of Francoism is vague, something like that it was a dictatorship and that some of their parents ran in front of greys, posing as something funny and folk. Not knowing that behind those careers There were detainees, torture, cases of expulsion from the University, debuggers, exiles, and even deaths. This ignorance comes perhaps from the modesty of many parents do not speak of that part of history that we have experienced. My experience as a teacher tells me that students know more of Nazism, thanks to the film, or what happened in the dictatorships of Chile and Argentina, for the information of the media, to what was the dictatorship in Spain, and, of course, that do not have an exact idea of the brutality that marked the regime of Franco. Another factor that clarifies this poor knowledge about the close yesterday, and it is that, at present, intellectual curiosity and the political and cultural concern is lower. There is a minor hobby of reading and, therefore, less interest to find out for yourself what is not in the official courses programs. Why this is so would have to be the subject of a profound sociological analysis, but I think required adaptation of teaching times current, and also that we should not consent that the history of Spain closest has been excised or deformed, especially when we took 30 years of democracy, and this is already consolidated.