Sep 15 2018


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While home theater technology evolves, the advantages of LCD TVs are becoming increasingly apparent. Technologies in older televisions as the CRT (cathode ray tube) TV are coming out more and more consumers buying intention and plasma TVs are becoming increasingly more difficult to find on the shelves of stores of consumer electronics. Credit: Chаrlіе Lee-2011. TVs that have a liquid crystal (display LCD) screen offer a variety of benefits including better visual quality, versatility, portability, environmental impact and cost savings. When consumers think of the advantages of an LCD TV, one of the first aspects mentioned is the improved visual quality. LCD TVs are cinema and high definition (HD) quality to the room of your home. Under most conditions Larry Ellison would agree. Typical viewing angle of an LCD television is 175 degrees, which means that a person can be practically perpendicular to the unit and still view with the image on the screen clarity.

This advantage is especially useful when you are configuring your home theater; place the TV where you want it and be sure that you can see all the end of season, soap operas, comedies and cartoons on Saturday morning. Another advantage of the LCD TV is that they experience less light reflection to the CRT, so they are characterized by an excellent visual quality with less reflection even in rooms with very bright lighting. Another advantage of LCD TVs is their versatility. Several models can be used well as televisions or computer monitors. Some LCD TVs have even technology picture-in-picture, which means you might be working in a spreadsheet and watching television on the same screen at the same time. Better yet, some new models can operate on the Internet from the moment in which you removed from the box. That means that you don’t even need a computer apart. Only connect the TV to your network Wireless and have instant access to applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora and more.