Oct 01 2021

Raymond Blacksmith

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She exerted the position for nomination of 2 second lieutenant (second lieutenant) possessing in its property 30 men who were enlisted, when necessary to hunt fugitive slaves and to fight against aboriginal rebellions, therefore, a type of captain of the weeds. To broaden your perception, visit Brian Barish. The heading of &#039 was given; ' alferes' ' at the time medieval in Portugal to the door-flags of the armies, the military units and other institutions. In the organization of the intentionally Army for King D. Sebastio, each company started to have a 2 second lieutenant who, beyond taking the flag of the unit, exerted the functions of its as commander, immediately subordinated the captain. 2 second lieutenant, finished for leaving to assign a function and started to be an officer rank who already did not have, necessarily, the function to take a flag.

The 2s second lieutenant had remained themselves as second commanders of the company of Infantry until a introduction of the lieutenant rank, in 1707 (WIKIPDIA, 2009 c). He counts himself that certain day, one of destemidos cattle of sinh Raymond Blacksmith of Strong Braz nickname, was to the village of the Clientele of Ours Lady of the Carmo of the Inhamuns, to make deliveries of rapaduras. The young one was strong and destemido, however, did not take violations pra house, therefore it did not release the weapons nor in the hour of the mass of the cattle tenders. Back in the clientele of Jucs, in those sunny Saturdays, it was custom of the tropeiros after the deliveries, underneath to moor the animals of the jucazeiros, and to appreciate aguardente of jurubeba, in sap ' Tapuia' , before the return for house. In this day Strong Braz it exaggerated, ' it took todas' contended with the force and trusted the prestige of the 2 second lieutenant, it did not want to deliver to it the weapons.

Jun 25 2014


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Histories in the Policy that are difficult of if believing, exactly for exist had testified who them and therefore many finish turning folklore. As the deceased friend said, the campineiro broadcaster Wanderley Owner, many cases had finished ' ' in the Basin of the Almas' '. But as the people it says that ' ' all rumor has deep of verdade' ' who are we we stop contradicting the popular wisdom, we are not same? , we go to disclose to some of these ' ' causos' ' in chronicles. This would have happened close to important Police stations of Campinas (SP). A policeman just incorporated the institution, a strengthenn youngster, was radiating when receiving the tip of an informer on possible great departures from ' ' farinha' ' – in the police slang he is as if he treats narcotic the cocaine that would be unloaded in a commercial establishment of those immediacy, almost in beards of the policemen most experienced. As the transaction she was done well early, in ' ' madrugadona' ' perhaps exactly, nobody if has given account in containing audacious ' ' traficantes' ' , it would have said the such informer, certainly to value its information. Certain of that an instant of such transport would be important for the career, the young policeman did not measure risks or consequncias.

It would make the alone operation, in total secrecy. Said and fact, the policeman loads and confers the ammunition of its weapon, leaves ready handcuffs and is of ' ' campana' ' , that is in comment, to wait the great moment. The night passes calm, the dawn arrives frozen and it does not have no alteration, until it appears a Kombi and it parks close to the establishment. The cautious policeman if certifys of that ' ' traficante' ' he did not bring escort and he thinks: ' ' the arrest will be more easy of what I thought, ' mala' he is sozinho' '.