Oct 19 2018


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Much aid looks for internal resources to leave a crisis makes lack generally, to extend the vision and to accept aid of all parts is very important. Nevertheless before to look for outside expensive resources it watches inwards and it tries to identify everything what it can serve to him than has and the form as it can use it. Assets Not I have known a single company that not has in his inventories good existence of things that happened fashionable, that discontinued or that was bought to a price that it prevents to sell them without realising a loss, nevertheless these things by obsolete which they are usually they have an important value, or is for collectors, subdistributors or even for recicladores or adapters. I suggest to him to make a revision of all those things like inventories or assets that a value of replacement does not use and looks for that helps him to join extra resources to begin again. To sell to somewhat obsolete loss is one better decision than to maintain it and to get into debt themselves paying interests by an equivalent sum to maintain the assets in inventory. To make sale of warehouse with the assets such as machines and equipment in disuse can generate resources that of another form must be obtained with financial cost, while the equipment continues deteriorating themselves and losing value still more inexorably. Here it returns to apply the first advice, it accepts the loss once and for all, does not add major value to him. People the chapter of people deserves special a good mention. The first reaction before a crisis is to often dismiss people, beginning by most expensive, than frequently she is also most productive, I recommend that if to reduce personnel is tried it reviews the first yield by employee and them of the opportunity of being profitable if not yet they are it..