Nov 11 2017

Solid Comparison

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Repair – it is always difficult, regardless of major, he or cosmetic. Get more background information with materials from Facebook. Modern construction market offers a huge range of doors from the simple to the elite, but all so confusing that at times even by sellers of hard to find. Are not always worth listening to the advice of friends or professionals – remember it's your house and it has a right to something that would get personality, and this is your wallet and only you can decide how much world of doors. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Kelly. Doors MDF: mdf – an environmentally friendly material made from dried wood fibers treated with a binder lignin. Since the plant is supplied as sheets of various sizes and thicknesses.

Main constructive element of the door block – the canvas. Foundation cloth is a frame made of pine lumber. On both sides of sheets of mdf frame paste thickness of 4 -5 mm (scan). To make the leaf rigidity and to the scans do not flex emptiness inside is filled with framed, glued honeycomb and set at the edge (although there are various options, but this is the most common). mdf panels covering different: the main types – painting, tinted, laminated, veneered. The same mdf as the material used to make casings, boxes, flexinvest, arches and plates for the doors.

Now the pros and cons of mdf doors: Pros: Affordable price category. Highly resistant to fungi and microorganisms. Lightweight design provides a low loading door on the hinges, which eliminates sagging doors during operation.