Mar 27 2020

Creating Culture

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THE WALTZ ATTEMPT TO CREATE MUSICAL CULTURE OF A NATION. The descendants of Spaniards who lived in our territory, what was the Inca Empire, which later became independent of political, economic, guardianship of the Iberian peninsula became need to sustain their stay and domination, which had the need to create a structure of nationality, apart had to create a musical culture as a main element, to which resorted to its origins; they could not have musical originating elements, since this would have meant putting under the domination of found culture. Scott Kahan: the source for more info. If they took elements of culture found, it would have been tacit to confirm that what was found was superior to what brought as a culture of domination. But because they tried to create these general lines in his thinking.

Let’s first see that the escutcheons with long years of settlement in our territory; on one side is they did not originating, rate of natural ethnic differences, on the other hand they had lost all relationship with the Iberian peninsula, since in this they were not considered for anything in Government Affairs, being one of the parties in which bore the greatest burden of the taxes which claimed the peninsula. If you would like to know more about Adam Portnoy, then click here. As we see the Iberian descendants they were a few outcasts, a few outcasts of their motherland, therefore there was the germ of the generation of independence from the peninsula, theirs, not that of indigenous peoples, which had and have double slavery since that time. First by the peninsula, then his henchmen were housed in our territory. But the precarious housed were gradually forming in a social class and as they despised the place that had welcomed them had no better idea to establish their own nation who called Peru. There goes the first problem that stayed in all minds of indigenous citizens who belonged to a nation without history without a past, without values..

Sep 29 2014

Ministry Economic

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Madrid. 03/09/09 Under cover of the data of the Ministry of labour and immigration and affiliation to Social Security made public today, unemployment continues to grow, and every day becomes more difficult the situation of Spanish families and the self-employed entrepreneurs of our country. CONAE, the National Confederation of self-employed and microenterprises requests harder that never its participation to recompose the social dialogue and to give presence to self-employed entrepreneurs and microenterprises, they constitute more than 85% of the Spanish business Census and are those who generate wealth and employment. And it is that as says Salvador Garcia Torrico, Chairman of CONAE, not you can stall social dialogue in economic crisis and less with the figure of 3.629.080 unemployed, with which we have raised today. If this situation is not remedied with direct and effective measures that will help restore liquidity, employment and, as immediate derivative, the revival of consumption this will, in late October, an authentic social and economic disaster stresses.

Moreover, from the National Confederation of self-employed and micro-enterprises, ask may have into account, now more than ever, organizations like ours, representatives of that 85% of the business census, self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises in our country, are indicated. We can not take anymore we can not endure more than you ignore us within the framework of social dialogue, we can not endure more than you ignore us in deciding economic, social and employment, we can not take anymore without the necessary liquidity to survive the crisis and we can not endure more dimes and bickering, sterile dialogues and lack of real measuresurgent and consensual, while economic activities are still closed and business and family dramas are multiplied, is more the employer of self-employed and microenterprises CONAE predicts that if different positions that are not corrected before the end of this year permit the desired and green shoots, microenterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs could be injured of death. It will be a genuine economic and social disaster that affect virtually the whole of the active population, and may assume this extreme one of the greatest economic and social disasters of our history..